Doha International Award for Interfaith Dialogue for 2014
offered by:
Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue
Doha - Qatar

Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue would like to announce the second Doha International Prize for Interfaith Dialogue, which will be presented during the Doha International Conference for Interfaith Dialogue in Doha, from 25th-27th March 2014.

The prize has been allocated this year for the work that relates to youth in interfaith dialogue, successful projects accomplished in the field of activity related to dialogue of youth from different religions, the role of youth in religious dialogue, the role of dialogue in strengthening the capacity of youth and directing their creative energies to build a humane society, a spirit of love, tolerance and co-existence.

We hope to grant the prize this year to youth issues that are in line with the role of the center, which is keen on building the capacity of youth in harmony with the aims of the Eleventh Doha International Conference for Interfaith Dialogue, which is to be held this year under the theme “Enhancing Value of Dialogue through Youth”.

Objectives of the Award
1 – Enrich and promote a culture of peaceful coexistence and tolerance among followers of different faiths.
2 – Activate the religious values to address the issues and problems of concern to humanity in order to promote peaceful coexistence and understanding between different civilizations and faiths.
3 – Expand the content of the dialogue to include aspects of life interacting with religion.
4 – Expand the dialogue to include researchers, academics and those interested in the relationship between religious values and life’s issues.
5 – Provision of scholarly insight, education and training in the areas of competence related to the dialogue of religions.
6 – Encourage researchers and relevant specialized institutions for fruitful interaction between them in order to reach new prospects for dialogue, in particular, as a method of conflict resolution and peace building.
7 – Honour the productive, active and creative persons and organisations in the field of inter- religious dialogue.

Award Categories
Best Organisation Award

This award is restricted to distinguished institutions in the field of interfaith dialogue, that have contributed in strengthening the capacity of youth in interfaith dialogue.

Best Individual Award
This award is restricted to distinguished personal achievement in the field of interfaith dialogue, well known for successes in the field of youth and in enhancing the experiences of dialogue among religions.

The jury will decide on competent and deserving winners through assessing their works that have been done in the field of interfaith dialogue, both within the framework of innovative ideas and approaches in research or in the context of social action.

Terms for Applying
Institutions and organisations:

1 – The institution will be active for at least the last three years in the field of interfaith dialogue and led by youth along with others.
2 – The institution should have a significant impact on society in general and youth in particular and their efforts for societal development should be clearly visible.
3 – The institutions project for youth would have an effect on a wide spectrum of sectors of society with special attention given to youth.
4 – The institution will not be engaged or involved in any form of electoral politics.

1 – A youth well known for their intellectual acumen and upright character and prolific in the field of interfaith dialogue.
2 – The candidate should not be in a leadership position in a political party.
3 – Known for their publications or activities directly related to interfaith dialogue with a special attention to youth issues in interfaith dialogue.

Terms for submitting application
1 – The submitted application including all attached documents must be sent via e-mail.
2 – The application shall be written in Arabic or English.
3 – The application should be in the range of 4000-7000 words.
4 – The applicantion may include studies, publications or films as supporting documents that explain their experiences.

Value of the award
The award amount is one hundred thousand US dollars (100,000 USD), in addition to a gold medal and a certificate from the Center.

Award Committee
A permanent Award Committee, representing the three monotheistic religions and representing the interfaith Centers, will meet several times a year. The functions of this committee include:
1 – Announcement of the award, topics and terms.
2 – Selection of judges.
3 – Announcement of the Award winners on the recommendations of the judges.

Jury members are selected each year by the Award Committee from among the specialists in that year’s award topics. Names of the judges are confidential, and their main functions are:
1 – To read articles nominated for the award.
2 – To grade and rank each article/experience based on scholarly criteria including marks for quality of the material presented.
3 – To submit sealed reports and recommendations to the Award Committee on all applicants of the award which will be officially opened only at the meeting of the Committee.

The organization of the Award
1 – Winners are not allowed to run for another award in the following year.
2 – The award can be annulled in case of lack of achieving an adequate quality of the submitted works.
3 – The name of the winner will be announced in the Doha Annual Conference on Interfaith Dialogue.
4 – The winners will make presentations of their achievements after receiving the award.
5 – The materials provided that are suitable for publication will be published by DICID.
6 – The winners will be invited to attend the annual conference of the Center.

The accepting nominations has been closed on 31/1/2014