11th Doha Interfaith Conference
March 25th 27th, 2014
"Youth and enhancing the value of dialogue"

Young people are the life blood of nations and our collective futures depend on them. Unlike speculation circulating in the last century about the decline of the role of religion, there has been a fresh wave of young people taking a keen interest in religions in the new millennium .

At the same time they are curious about the diversity in the world among followers of religions. They are active in religious institutions and are therefore welcome to participate in an open and honest discussion into the activities of interfaith dialogue globally. In this way they will benefit from the experiences of the older generations and hear their visions, needs and creative works.

Given the cross-generational challenge of our times, the conference will attempt to nurture the dialogue between youth and their parents' generation.

The nature of young people is daring and adventurous and given the opportunity to meet and communicate with people from other religions would be very fruitful for them this is a necessary first step towards a future of global coexistence.

In order to attain this goal we propose the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue to devote next year's conference to "Youth and enhancing the value of dialogue"

1. Religions perspectives on youth
1.1 Examples from scriptures
1.2 Analysis of contemporary youth behaviour
1.3 Ideal youth behavior from religions' point of view and youth experience

2. Opportunities and Challenges facing the youth today
2.1. Factors limiting youth participation in Interfaith Dialogue
2.2. Opportunities youth through participation in Interfaith Dialogue
2.3. Youth cultures of dialogue and cultural exchange

3. Interfaith dialogue for youth
3.1. Through media programmes
3.2. Educational activities undertaken by schools and universities
3.3. Government and NGOs encouraging youth participation

4. Youth Contribution in interfaith dialogue
4.1. Producing interfaith and educational programs through media
4.2. Harnessing social media networks to face extremism
4.3. Youth role in mobilizing civil society