10th issue of DICID’s interfaith scholarly Journal on the topic of Migration
The Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue has published the 10th issue of interfaith study journal Adyan. The journal, included articles in Arabic, English and French, addressed the topic of Migration , refugees and human rights, in relationship to concept of dialogue , tolerance and intercultural coexistence.

The new issue of the magazine consists of about 228 pages, including 14 topics in Arabic and 13 in English and French. Among the main issues, we can notice :
- The interview with Mr. Ayman Riad Mifleh , Secretary General of the Jordanian charity organization .
- “From the oppression to the will of life”, by Mohamed Habash.
- “Migration in religions: from historical practice to symbolic use”, by Salah Al-Ameri.
- The topic on the study of migration from humanitarian political perspective, by Mohammad Assammak.
- "Migration and the natural values ", by Mokhtar Khawaja.
- The cultural approach of Migration, by Jamila Telout .
- Migration and displacement from the perspective of monotheistic religions, Ali Benmubarak.
- In addition to a number of topics, in relationship to migration such as : The migration of Muslims to Abyssinia, forced migration, clandestine emigration, migration and the cultural impacts.
From his side Mr Akinada Akintundi , Chief Editor of the magazine emphasis, in the editorial, on the importance of the issue of migration, and its relationship to dialogue and human coexistence, and the effects of globalization , and the effect on the religious thoughts.

Where our world is witnessing radical transformations due to the plight of the refugees, centered on what we see in the morning of photographs of displaced children, women and old people, first and foremost the Syrian refugees; to draw the world into a real human tragedy; yet hope remains; to build a future in which all will live in peace and security. Diversity becomes a source of affection and complimentarily. and a bright future for humanity, can only be achieved by building bridges of understanding and uniting efforts so that we can rebuild our fragile and often confusing world.

We have to believe that religious traditions can contain the crises that surround us; it is through its spiritual force that drives hope and faith to meet the challenges that hinder our path. This is followed by the development of a strategy for a constructive and creative dialogue through which people can transcend what Gandhi described as " "And to start thinking about new programs and policies that contribute to a development framework that is conducive to the development of a peaceful society that protects its members in a spirit of brotherhood, compassion and integration.

The tenth edition of the Religions Magazine focused on the ways and means to govern the current relationship between religion, migration and identity, with the aim of enlightening policymakers And intellectuals in the world; to seek the Center to provide studies on the various means and ways to deal with and benefit from religious and cultural diversity.