DICID condemns the burning of the Great Orbro Mosque in Sweden
And who doth greater wrong than he who forbiddeth the approach to the sanctuaries of Allah lest His name should be mentioned therein, and striveth for their ruin. As for such, it was never meant that they should enter them except in fear. Theirs in the world is ignominy and theirs in the Hereafter is an awful doom. (Surat Al-Baqara : versus 114)

The Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue expresses its deep condemnation and condemnation of the burning of the Great Orbro Mosque in Sweden.

It was a great tragedy, when extremists filled with hatred burned the Great Orebro Mosque in the Vivala region of Sweden, on 26 September 2017, causing the destruction of the major parts of the Mosque, including the chapel and its attached library and the upper annexes of the mosque. This is not the first time that mosques in Sweden have been attacked. On November 26, 2016, unidentified men stormed a mosque in the capital Stockholm after the dawn prayer. They painted on the walls a Nazi cross led and wrote anti-Muslim slogans. Two months later another mosque was burned in Malmo.

The Doha International Center for Interreligious Dialogue urges states that call for love and tolerance to protect and respect worship places and religious leaders; to face the causes of division intolerance and hatred.

The DICID reiterates its deep condemnation of such despicable acts of racism which represent a clear violation of the principles of humanity and the values of religious tolerance, approved by all Laws and Religions that call for respect of the sanctities and peace and coexistence.

The DICID recalls the responsible authorities in the State of Sweden to fulfill their role to protect Muslims and their worship places and take all necessary measures in tracking down the perpetrators and bring them to justice to receive their fair punishment; because such criminal acts serve only the enemies of humanity and extremists.