Annual Conference
The Centre holds annual conference for interfaith dialogue among religions, discussing important humanitarian issues. It will be addressed from the perspective of every religion, to reach common conclusions, and make them serve values of justice and peace.
From the perspectives of the world monotheistic religions we seek to reach common and harmonious cooperation and a genuine desire to lay the foundations of world peace.
And for that very reason we as a team of true believers and promoters of the inter-faith dialogue wish to share our vision with the global community, to resolve world conflicts and restore peace and harmony.

They are specialized symposiums and seminars discussing various topics of common concerns between different religions inside Qatar and abroad. These symposiums are published regularly.

Scientific Journal
The Centre publishes periodical journal in Arabic and English language. The journal is scientific; it contains many researches, discussing various intellectual, humanitarian and dialogical issues.

Researches & Studies
The Center sets researches and studies in numerous and various fields such as the common denominators among faiths and field studies of priority issues and indicator analysis of the Center performance.

Translation Services
The Center will do translation services on articles and research studies relevant to the dialogue between religions in addition to the interpretation of conferences and symposia organized by the Centre.

Other Programs
It is a series of educational programs and youth activities related to the dialogue including cultural trips and youth camps, inside Qatar and abroad.